Club Etiquette

(1)    Entrance Gates

The entrance gates to the club should be closed after you have entered the club.  The gate should not be propped open.  All members have the gate code to gain their own access.

(2)    Car Parking

When you enter the club, the car spaces closest to the Clubhouse should be filled first to try utilise the car parking spaces to the best of our ability.  Where possible, all vehicles should be reverse parked, with the front of the vehicle facing the courts.

(3)    Clubhouse Entrance Door

The entrance door to the clubhouse should be closed at all times after entering or leaving the clubhouse.  The door should not be propped open.  All members have the option to purchase a door fob to gain their own access to the Clubhouse.  (Fobs can be purchased from Donal O’Brien, our chairman, for a fee of €25 (phone 086 3671159) and is refundable on return of the fob).

(4)    Players Named for Court Bookings

All court bookings should include the names of all individuals playing.  The Club Manager court booking system will now require you to enter at least two names to book a court.

(5)    Cancelling a Court Booking

If you cancel your game of tennis for any reason after booking a court, the booking should be cancelled on Club Manager as soon as possible.  This will free the slot for others to book if courts are in demand. 

Please note, that if all courts are fully booked when you log on to Club Manager to book a court, there is a “watch slot” option beside the time slots and courts that you can select.  This sends you an automatic email to let you know that a court has become available should anyone cancel their booking.

(6)    Green fees

Green fees rate is €10 per hour per person.

Courts cannot be booked for green fees after 6pm.

A person can only avail of green fees twice annually, after that the only option to play is to join the Club as a member.

Non-members paying green fees can only play whilst accompanied by a club member.

When booking a court for playing against a green fee paying individual, please select “green fee” as your opponent for the court booking on Club Manager.

Child Safety Protocol Documents:

Framework for Playing Tennis during COVID-19 :